Journey through your hidden world of data

Journey Through
Your Hidden World Of Data

Protecting your home or car is common, but what about the security of things you can't see—like your online life?
Take the path to discover digital safety.

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Social Sharing

Ah, social media—the place where family, friends, strangers and exes converge! Whether it’s a picture of you and a rescue pup at the park, or a vacation snapshot, your footprint could tell the world more than you intend.

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Location Services

You don’t need to be on a path of self-discovery to find yourself; your devices already know! Whether or not you’re using them, apps can predict where you are. What’s convenient for you can mean currency for others.

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Online Shopping

It isn’t pure magic that turns pixels into packages from your favorite online retailer. But unlike a magic trick, the financial footprint you create is more than just a hidden illusion.

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Phishing computer


Phishing can happen even if you don’t live near water! Scammers can try to take your personal info with fake emails and messages. Before you take the bait, learn what to look for.

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Safe Surfing

Using the internet is like a two-way mirror—what you can see about your digital footprint is different from what your browser collects. Understand and manage your privacy without sacrificing convenience.

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